Using JavaScript with this web site

These web pages require a recent version of JavaScript (also called 'active scripting') to be enabled on your browser.

What is JavaScript? JavaScript (JS) is a scripting language that allows the web programmer to write small programs that run inside your web browser, and which allow it to perform complicated actions. For example, when you are asked to type a number into a web form (e.g. an order quantity on a shopping page), a small JS program could check that you have typed a valid number and could warn you if you have not.

Why does this web page tell me that JavaScript is not running? You probably have your security settings set too high. (Alternatively, your browser could be a very old version or a non-Windows version that does not support the necessary version of JavaScript). Running JavaScript within your web browser rarely poses any security problem because JS is unable to access privileged information on your computer - it is restricted to running 'inside' your browser. When problems do arise it is usually because of bugs in your browser - so make sure you have the latest version installed. Occasionally, a malicious programmer can exploit your ignorance or naivety of computers and the Internet; and this is sometimes aided using legitimate JavaScript programs. If you want to know more, read the Wikipedia entry on JavaScript.

Should I enable JavaScript? This is obviously your decision, but without it you will not be able to use some of these web pages. If you do enable JS and you run into problems it would be unrealistic to expect the responsibility for your woes to rest with anyone other than yourself. It is clearly your responsibility to ensure that you maintain a safe software environment on your computer. Commonly given advice includes such actions as to always install the latest security patches and software versions, to use reputable anti-virus software and to maintain a firewall.

How do I enable JavaScript? Web browser interfaces change in style frequently, as new versions are produced. It is probably best that you ask your favourite search engine "How do I enable JavaScript" or "How do I enable active scripting".

Why have I never seen this warning before? Many web pages make extensive use of JavaScript but, commonly, programmers do not bother to check whether your browser can cope with their code. If you visit a web page and it behaves strangely, or it seems to be badly presented, then this could be because it requires the use of JavaScript. We are trying to ensure that our programs fail gracefully, which is why you are reading this warning.

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