The closing date for advance bookings is 23:00 BST on Saturday 21 September
No bookings may be submitted after that date

Our charges are shown against each item on the booking form, but if you want to see a complete list of charges, please click the plus icon below.

Fees Table

Delegate Booking Form

Click this button to make a new booking. You can pay online or by cheque.

Click this button to amend an existing booking, first entering your booking reference in the box below.

Booking Reference

Choose this option if

  1. You have an open booking form that you have not yet finished editing (This mostly applies to Groups)
  2. You have submitted the form, but you want to change your intended payment method (e.g. you said you were going to pay by cheque, but you want to pay online)

Please make sure you type the full booking reference, exactly as it has been given to you. A typical reference will look like this: HE19-0123-1A2B3C. The first part (HE19-0123) is your invoice/receipt number and the second part (1A2B3C) is your unique pass-code, to allow you to access your booking. Type the information exactly as it is demonstrated above. (Although the form doesnt mind if you confuse certain letters and numbers due to poor eyesight, and it doesnt mind if you type in lower-case).